Contacts of The BUD Fund Implementer


General Enquiries

The BUD Fund
HKPC Building, 78 Tat Chee Avenue,   Kowloon, Hong Kong

Tel(852) 2788 6088 
Fax(852) 3187 4525
Email[email protected]

Consultation Session

In order to assist enterprises to thoroughly understand the application requirements, and to effectively prepare the application, the BUD Fund Implementer (the implementer) would offer a consultation service. The implementer will meet with the enterprise representatives, to answering the inquiry from the enterprise, also provide advice on completing the application form.

Making Appointment

The 1 hour Consultation Session must be reserved at least three working days in advance by first come, first served basis. The enterprise can make the appointment with the implementer through the hotline (2788 6088) or register at the BUD Fund Consultation..

Meeting Arrangement

The enterprise representatives require to visit the Hong Kong Productivity Council on the confirmed time slot.

There are usually no more than three representatives at the meeting, and each enterprise can only appoint one time consultation service to ensure that all enterprises have equal opportunities.


The BUD Fund Implementer will provide the advice to the enterprises on compilation of the application form in accordance with the guidance of the BUD Fund. The advice given by the implementer does not guarantee that the project will be approved as the result of the applications will be vetted by a Programme Management Committee (PMC).


A. Eligibility

B. Grant Details

C. Project Content

D. Service Providers (For Type (i) application - Development of the Holistic Business Plan)

E. Project Monitoring

F. Online e-Form System