Tips for Application

Case sharing, effectiveness overview will be developed to conclude and share the success stories and best practices among industries.

BUD Fund Webinar (in Cantonese)


Tutorial for BUD Fund Online Application (in Cantonese)



The BUD Fund – Launching Ceremony of “EASY BUD”– Grantee Sharing



Success Stories Sharing

Antonhill Co Ltd | Uniform Design & Manufacturer | Target Market: Mainland and Singapore 

Gordon C. & Company Limited | Watches Design & Manufacturer| Target Market: Switzerland

Chocolate Rain Jewelery & Design Company Limited | Creative Industry | Target Market : Singapore

Great China Industrial Limited | Gift box and packaging | Target Market : Mainland

Remarks: The above cases are for reference only. For application details, please refer to the latest version of the Guide to Application.

BUD Programme Effectiveness Overview

Download BUD Programme Effectiveness Overview